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Justin Paul Bsc IIHHT APNT also known a Sahu Tao Shen qualified as a massage practitioner with the institute of health and holistic therapies in 1999, while studying a degree in sport and exercise science. During his 3yr study at the London school of osteopaths from 2003 the techniques and principles learnt during this time greatly influenced his views when treating the body.

Over the last 20yrs he has trained in may different techniques such as myofascial release, harmonic, muscle energy techniques, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, spinal manipulation, cranial release, reflexology, to name a few. As a result Justin believes that the body has the ability to self heal when supported correctly, so his involvements is as a facilitator in the healing process, so it's a team effort. Justin has a intuitive approach to unblocking stagnate areas in the body and re-balancing the body as a whole.

The treatment provided are aimed at releasing musculoskeletal tension and imbalance, therefore harmonising the flow of energy in the body, he also support you on your journey of self discovery. Justin offers Tai chi and Chi gong exercise proscription, mediation, word power (affirmation), diet and exercise proscription, also breathing techniques to aid your recovery from injury. So his approach is truly holistic and he brings to you a bio-spiritual energetic massage treatment.

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Justouch Therapy Approach

Relief of all kinds of musculoskeletal tension

Reduction of musculoskeletal injuries

Recovery from training session /or injury; for improved quality of performance (whether in competition/training or life)

Relaxation and stress relief